Every child in North Carolina deserves access to a world-class education. Quality public education is the key to ensuring future generations are setup for success, and it’s also the key to attracting businesses and providing opportunity for the next generation. From expanding access to pre-K to taking care of our colleges and universities, I believe we need to invest in our students so they graduate prepared to compete for 21st century jobs.


A good education starts with making sure we attract and retain the best and brightest teachers in our classrooms.  Quality teachers are the key to our students’ success. That’s why I support raising teacher pay, so that North Carolina has competitive teacher salaries with surrounding states. I will also fight to reduce class sizes, so that our teachers can give students the individualized attention they deserve.  I also believe we should cut unnecessary standardized testing to give our teachers the chance to use their talents to encourage our students to think critically rather than simply teaching to a test.


We must do more to take care of our university system and community colleges. It is imperative to our state’s success that our colleges and universities remain affordable and accessible to all students. I also know that college isn’t for everyone. That’s why I support increasing trade and vocational training at our community colleges so that more students are prepared to get a good-paying job, even if a four-year degree isn’t the right option for them.